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Catherine Carroll

Hello!  Welcome to the web home of Beck-N-Call.  My name is Catherine and I am the founder and CEO of Beck-N-Call, a personal concierge and lifestyle management service.

Having recently retired from a Fortune 500 Company after thirty years of service, I know from experience the demands on working professionals.  Free time is limited and valuable.  With this in mind, I started
Beck-N-Call to provide clients with more quality time by relieving them of the burdens of their nagging to-do lists in order to allow them to spend their time in a more meaningful way.

In addition to my work experience, I am also a mother and homeowner.  Though my nest is now empty, I understand the challenges of managing a household while working full time.  Juggling career, family, and home can be less of a circus act when there is someone there you can rely on for help with the day-to-day.

As your trusted concierge, I’m here to assist you with everyday tasks and errands like grocery shopping, caring for your pets, or checking in on an elderly parent.  Additional services related to personal, home, pet, and vacation are available.  Please see the
services page for a complete listing or contact me via e-mail or by phone.

I am at your

Warm regards,

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Phone:  (904) 534-8108

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