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Feedback about Beck-N-Call

"Beck-N-Call is our solution for assistance when we go out-of-town.  We needed someone to keep up with our normal daily routine while we were gone.  This included household chores, feeding and walking our two dogs, and checking up on my elderly parents and their three dogs, as well as running to the grocery or pharmacy for my parents.  Previously, we were asking family members, friends, or friends of family members to watch over things.  The price we were paying made it unaffordable for longer absences.  My wife and Catherine had worked together many years, but my wife retired and did not keep up with people from her work years.  During those years, Catherine had earned my wife's trust and friendship.  As if fate was smiling down on us, Catherine happened to contact Carol at the perfect time and we arranged for her to watch over things on our most recent trip.  I am trying to temper my enthusiasm, but suffice to say she is our 'go to person' when we need help now.  She is like a surrogate of me, but better.  Everything was done when we returned and nothing was overlooked.  My parents and our two friendly dogs loved her.  Our dogs are normally a little upset when we leave, but they were both very happy and showed their appreciation and affection to Catherine when we returned.  I had warned Catherine about my dad's dogs that she should be very careful and cautious and get to know them gradually until they were friendly with her.  This is what I had to do as they were very unfriendly toward me at first and they still bark at me every time I go to my parents' house.  Even my dad's very aggressive and protective dogs were affectionate to her immediately and all three of them went right up to her with their tails wagging and did not bark a single time.  My dad's only comment when I asked about that later was that 'they (his dogs) recognize quality when they see it.'  Of course, I am not sure what this says about me..." - Dan and Carol, Riverside area of Jacksonville, Florida

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